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90 Day Sprints & Transition Plan

90 Day Sprints

The initial 3-5 identified actions are implemented over the first 90 days.  We coordinate with the appropriate team members and your outside advisors to ensure alignment, timelines, responsibilities & deliverables, and metrics to measure success.  In the next two quarters, 3-5 additional identified actions are implemented over each 90-Day Sprint as needed.

To monitor the metrics for the business and the increased business value, a maintenance program may be needed.  Some clients use their internal teams and advisors to accomplish this goal, while others request our continued involvement through our Enhancement Initiatives Maintenance Program – a year of 90-Day Sprints.

90 day sprints
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The Transition Plan

The Transition Plan asks and answers all the business, personal, financial, legal and tax questions involved in transitioning a closely held business and ensures alignment of all stakeholders in the process.

It is a comprehensive plan that creates a road map for the business owner and their family to either a) keep and grow the business or b) transition the business and move into their next phase of life.

If the decision is made to keep the business and grow it then an ongoing maintenance plan is developed and reviewed consistently to ensure that the business is responsive and can be transitioned at any time.

If the decision is made to transition, then creating the Transition Plan in advance:

  • helps to ensure that the eventual transition will align with the vision of the business owner
  • acts as a roadmap during the transition process
  • helps to minimize disruption and keep the team focused