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Michael Crowley, Certified Founders Group Associate

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About Michael

Michael Crowley
email: Michael@PlannedValue.com
tel: (774) 306-2097
web: https://PlannedValue.com


For over 30 years, Michael Crowley has incorporated his in-depth knowledge and experience in business with his strong desire to assist business owners in order to grow and expand. Michael’s dedication to helping others not only enriches his own life but makes a lasting impact in his clients’ lives. Michael’s passion, insight, and dedication has enabled him to build lasting relationships with his clients and team members.

Michael has always positioned his companies for a successful transition. He sold his first business, an environmental company at 29 years old.  For over two decades as CEO or Principal Michael has repeated this process of growing, systemizing, and selling businesses across various industries.

Michael currently is an active consultant for Planned Value Group formerly The CND Group, a small business consulting firm committed to helping clients build and harvest the value in their business. His team of professionals focus on the four intangible capitals that make up 75% of a company’s worth. Systematically improving and measuring the human, customer, structural, and social capitals.

His team understands the pressure and stress that follows the life of a business owner. As business owners themselves, Planned Value Group takes a personal and direct approach to becoming the most trusted advisor for a business owner.

Michael’s professional philosophy is straightforward. He is a team player and greatly values insight and feedback from his employees and team. He believes in his company’s mission and carries over these ideals when managing employees. As it can be painful for businesses to close operations, Michael has dedicated his professional life to prevent such a thing from happening and to ensure a successful transition for all his clients.

Michael is an avid sports fan. In his spare time when not enjoying a game, he can be found at the gym, spending time with his family and loved ones, or skiing.