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Barry Waxler, Certified Founders Group Associate

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About Barry

Barry Waxler
tel: (619) 549-5920
web: Kingswood USA

Barry Waxler, Counselor

Professional Accreditation
As CEO of Universal Financial Consultants Corp. since 2000, Barry has developed a unique talent for counseling and connecting business owners with the resources they need to help them expand their choices by increasing the enterprise value, improving workplace dynamics, and driving cash flow.

Family Information
Barry has been a proud San Diegan since 1975, and enjoys spending time as a single parent of two teenage children, Kari and Shane.

Sales Background
Skilled in financial planning and insurance needs, Barry has achieved the top sales awards from 4 different national brand insurance companies. Specializing in life, health, and disability insurance, Barry has helped hundreds of local business owners and their executives in business, financial, estate, and tax planning needs. Business succession and asset protection are the most prevalent topics to address.

Stop Bleeding Cash
As the author of an Amazon best-selling book on finance, Barry allows his clients to achieve education before planning to achieve their goals. Stop Bleeding Cash addresses the most innovative ways to achieve financial wealth and independence, professing that “Wealth is not achieved by saving your income. It is achieved by leveraging the income you have saved”.

Close Up
Barry’s radio brand brought a whole new perspective in business. Close Up On San Diego Business was born in 2013, and focused on creating awareness to local business ventures. Presenting the small business owner to the public via broadcast and online radio exposure in a talk radio format, created a branding for the business owner not normally achievable in routine business marketing. As a community service, Barry created a branding for each business owner to use from his radio format, and carved out individual interviews on Youtube to empower the message for as long as the business owner wanted.

As a by product of his radio show, Barry created a new brand, in his Close Up Connections. Every business owner looks for something special in the businesses they connect with for sales, support, and vendor services. From the radio platform, Barry quickly recognized the public service he could provide, by publicly introducing business to business. His philosophy was to fight the big box mentality by collaborative means and bringing small businesses together to create strength in numbers.

Community Service
Growing up in a family surrounded by disability, Barry serves on the board of the Disabled Business Persons Association. Giving back to the community starts with supporting those that helped secure our freedom. DBA supports veterans and the disabled veteran community with education, connections, and support services, including help with Entrepreneurial Needs.