Current State - Founders Group – Business Succession Planning, Transition and Exit Planning Valuation

Current State

We begin with thorough diagnostics, including a true valuation process conducted by our credentialed valuation professionals, and assessments in two distinct areas: attractiveness and readiness. These diagnostics solidly benchmark your starting point.

Introductory Call

  • We listen and ask questions to gain a basic understanding of your particular situation and concerns. Where appropriate, we explain our thorough, collaborative business valuation and transition planning process and set a time to meet with you.

Gathering and Evaluation

  • If you wish for us to determine the attractiveness, readiness, and value of your business, we will quote a fee for this initial engagement and will request and evaluate tax returns, financials, corporate information, and other business documents. Where appropriate, we will ask additional personal and financial questions as well as request subsequent supporting documentation and data.

Initial Assessment Visit(s)

  • Understanding the attractiveness and readiness of the business and owner is important to the planning process. We visit with you to conduct the following assessments: Business Attractiveness, Business Readiness, Personal Readiness, and Financial Readiness.

Analyze & Build the Business Valuation & Owner Assessments

  • An independent, fully compliant business valuation, by professionals with the proper credentials, is performed to determine a baseline value for a business that is planning for growth and/or a transition.
  • The valuation combined with the Attractiveness & Readiness Assessments uncover realizations, options, choices and action plans that will lead to increased business value, cash flow and more personal time for the owner.

Presenting the Valuation and Results

  • We take you step-by-step through the results of the Assessments and Valuation reports, identifying the gaps, concerns, and opportunities. We review potential future ranges of value and pinpoint opportunities  and threats to be addressed. Then, together, we set the parameters, goals, foes, and timelines for the next engagement, the Future Vision.
  • With the results of the Current State, we may together decide to skip Future Vision and move directly into Enhancement Initiatives.