Future Vision - Founders Group – Business Succession Planning, Transition and Exit Planning Valuation

Future Vision

Many of our clients include their family and leadership team in refining the direction of the Future Vision. Doing so can lay the foundation for buy-in from all team members who will contribute to enhancing the business value.

Owner and Family Visit

  • We review the results of the Current State, solidifying the gaps, concerns, and opportunities that we jointly identified. Together we expand your horizons on what the business can do for you and your family; you and/or your family’s involvement; as well as “what comes next.”
  • Our clients’ goals and dreams vary, but often include multi-generational ownership of the business, the sale of a business, new ventures, philanthropy, travel, as well as other ways to make a difference in the  “what comes next” time of life.

Owner and Leadership Visit

  • We review the owner’s chosen direction, with an emphasis on the data that came from the Current State engagement. Then the executive team explores your key business drivers including risk mitigation,  strategic initiatives, operational and technology efficiencies, growth opportunities, and possible culture improvements. Together we refine the Future Vision for the business and focus on the desire and need for team buy-in and involvement.

Team Tactical Planning

Initial Team Focus and Gathering

  • A one-hour meeting where we gain a first blush understanding of team concerns and explain our process. Each team member has an opportunity to provide input, in the session and after, through online confidential surveys and possible telephone interviews.

Facilitated Team Meeting

  • A one-day meeting with the owner, executives, and chosen members of the team to discuss perceived concerns of the customers, the team members, and the business’ other constituencies.
  • Through the process of the Nine Key Business Questions and compiled results, we seek clarity and insight to possible solutions that may not have been obvious, and empower your team to identify enhancement initiatives for further implementation.


  • From the raw data and our insights we create a comprehensive and prioritized list of Enhancement Initiatives for the business. Together, we set the parameters, goals, fees, and timelines for the engagements.