GETTING STARTED - Founders Group – Business Succession Planning, Transition and Exit Planning Valuation


We offer the Introductory Call where we listen and ask questions to gain a basic understanding of your situation and concerns.

The first step in the process is to determine the attractiveness, readiness and value of your business. Once we’ve explained our holistic and collaborative process, together we decide if it is appropriate and beneficial for you to engage The Founders Group through one of The Engagements consisting of:

  • The Process
  • Current State
    Assess business attractiveness, business and
    personal readiness, and valuation.
  • Future Vision
    Solidify the gaps, concerns, and opportunities
    for your family and your business.  Empower
    your team to develop the implementation plan.
  • Enhancement Initiatives
    Deploy a systematic process to address targeted
    improvements which increases personal and
    enterprise value.
  • The Decision
    When the business is attractive and ready, realize
    the options and possibilities for your business,
    employees, and family.