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How Will You Get There?

Our measurable, repeatable and adaptable process creates efficient, targeted implementation plans throughout the engagement.  Our goal is to interfere the least, increase enterprise value and free up owner’s time.  A successful implementation will help owners ensure that the unrealized business value is realized.

Through your current advisors and any that we may jointly identify that you need, we facilitate the implementation of your Enhancement Initiatives.  Initiatives are co-managed with as much or as little hands on involvement from us as deemed necessary.

A successful implementation only occurs when enhancement initiatives are properly communicated to all stakeholders, processes are developed, documented and implemented and stakeholders are cross functionally trained. Strong communication and support leads to a culture change and acceptance that we strive to do things better, faster, clearer and more efficiently.

We foster a business and family dynamic that focuses on refinement and growth.

The initial 90-day implementation period is broken down into three 30 day periods. Throughout this time period we conduct team progress meetings, owner update meetings and provide as much project management and hands-on assistance as the team requests.

Additional enhancement initiatives will be implemented in subsequent “90 Day Sprints” until such time as the business implements a maintenance program for ongoing enhancement initiatives.

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