Leading San Diego Succession Planning Firm Offers Business Exit Planning Program - Founders Group – Business Succession Planning, Transition and Exit Planning Valuation

Leading San Diego Succession Planning Firm Offers Business Exit Planning Program

    Business Exit Planning Program

    The San Diego business succession planning firm, The Founders Group is making waves with its popular business transition and business exit planning programs. The Founders Group offers businesses expert consultation in the areas of succession planning, transition, and exit planning valuation services.

    When asked to describe how they help guide business owners, Melisa Silverman from The Founders Group said, “In our Care to Know model, planning begins with helping you figure out where you are. For many, the greatest potential lies in transitioning from a Wisdom-driven Business which generates cash flow to fund livelihoods, to a Value-driven Business. Value-driven Businesses increase your options by systematizing the magic you’ve applied to creating success up to this point. They command stability for internal transitions, as well as the highest market value if owners decide to sell.”

    The next natural question becomes, “How does a business get started working with you? What do you do for new clients first?” Silverman went on to explain, “We begin with thorough diagnostics. First comes a true valuation process conducted by our credentialed valuation professionals. This offers a realistic picture of your company’s value from a buyer’s perspective. Second, we conduct assessments in two distinct areas: attractiveness and readiness. These diagnostics solidly benchmark your starting point.”

    The Founders Group would then go on to lead the business owner through all phases of transition, from their current Wisdom-driven Business to a Value-driven Business. The increased clarity, cash flow, and market value expands options and solidifies choices for business transition: if, when, how, how much and to whom.

    About The Founders Group

    What makes the Founders Group truly stand out among other San Diego business succession planning attorneys? Apart from their superior team and experience, it is their specialization. The Founders Group is just one of four business units each dedicated to servicing a particular niche within the larger umbrella of business succession and estate planning. The other business entities include Strazzeri Mancini, California Estate and Elder Law, and Southern California Institute.

    For more information on The Founders Group, check them out here: http://foundersgroup.biz