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Todd Weiner, Certified Founders Group Associate

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About Todd

Todd Weiner
tel: (818) 728-5961

Business / Background:
Todd S. Weiner has been in the financial industry since 1990. He purchased KBC Financial and Insurance Services, Inc. back in 2012. When Todd acquired KBC, his goal was to assist other financial entrepreneurs grow their business and success by removing the tasks that they either do not enjoy doing or were not capable of accomplishing.

Past winner of The Kent Award in 2012

San Diego State University, 1985 – 1990
San Deigo, California

Calabasas High School, 1981 – 1985
Calabasas, California

Personal History
Todd S. Weiner has always had a hard worth ethic instilled by his father. He started working for his father’s companies when he was 11 and continued until the age of 15. At the age 16, he decided to get a job while in high school and continued working from then on.

Todd started in the financial services industry by working at Home Fed Savings and Loan and worked his way up from a new account representative to the eventual Branch Assistant Manager of Great Western Bank.

While working at the bank, one of his clients asked him if he would like to make more money than at the bank and not get yelled out anymore but would have to relocate. Todd jumped at this opportunity, and this started the foundations of KBC.

During this time, Todd met the love of his life and partner, Nikki. They have been married for 25 years and have three adult children – all daughters. He has tried instilling the same work ethic in their daughters by employing them when they were not in school.