WHAT WE DO - Founders Group – Business Succession Planning, Transition and Exit Planning Valuation
founders group what we do


We work with business owners and their families to assess their current business value and their financial and personal situation. Based on these assessments, we engage with the business owner and family in developing a strategic and tactical plan for both the business and their personal and financial futures.

Once the plans have been determined and confirmed, we engage in prioritized enhancement initiatives that preserve and protect assets and improve top and bottom line growth. These initiatives serve to increase the enterprise value and solidify personal and financial goals.

As the business owner moves through the process, flexibility is created by allowing the business owner to repeatedly ask the question: “should I continue to grow the business or should I transition it?”.

We achieve this by assisting the business owner in answering these four questions:

Creating a future vision for the business and family is critical to protect the family’s tangible and intangible assets and sustain the Family Business for generations.