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Where Are You Going?

Strategic Planning
In the strategic planning sessions, the business owner and their respective teams develop a future vision for both the business and the owner’s family. Opportunities are developed and prioritized for further refinement at the tactical level and threats are identified to ensure effective risk mitigation. They may include:

  • Strategic acquisitions
  • New markets
  • Product development
  • Contingency Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Wealth preservation
  • Management review
  • Philanthropy

Owner/Owner Family
Our client’s goals and dreams vary, but often include multi-generational ownership of the business, the sale of a business, new ventures, philanthropy, travel, as well as other ways to make a difference in the “what comes next” phase of life.  In considering your legacy and the steps that it takes to get from here to there, we then focus on how to bring your executive team, team members, advisors, and other constituencies together into alignment with your choices and your business.

Using the jointly identified Current State results as a starting point, we expand your horizons on a) what the business can do for you and your family b) you and/or your family’s level of involvement and c) “what comes next”.

Business Owner/Executive Team
Using the results of the valuation and the business assessment reports performed in the Current State and the vision developed in the Owner/Owner family session, we assist the executive team to explore the key business drivers including risk mitigation, strategic initiatives, operational & technological efficiencies, growth opportunities and possible culture improvements.

The enhancements, if done correctly, will increase EBITDA but more importantly the multiple at transition.  As reflected in the chart below, the increase in EBITDA and the multiple separately add value but when increased together they add significantly more value to the business.

Together we refine the future vision for the business developed by the owner and the executive team and focus on team buy-in and involvement. This is accomplished in the Business Team Tactical Planning Sessions.

Business Team Tactical Planning
Leveraging the vision developed in the strategic planning sessions, the key business stakeholders identified by the owner and management develop and refine targeted enhancement initiatives. Throughout the process, confidentiality and anonymity are maintained to ensure free flow of ideas, issues and concerns without any repercussion. Once established and ranked by the team, three to five prioritized initiatives are approved for implementation in the next 90 days.

Each Company is different but the main business themes and enhancement initiatives to be identified are similar and include:

  • Risk mitigating initiatives
  • Financial, operational & technological process and reporting initiatives
  • Gross margin improvement and cost reduction initiatives
  • Branding and growth initiatives
  • Internal control improvements
  • Policies and procedures
  • Possible culture improvements
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