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Where Are You Now?

Business Valuations
Our team, with the proper credentials, performs an independent, fully compliant business valuation to determine a baseline value for a business in its current state. With over 10 years of experience, we provide USPAP, NACVA and regulatory agency compliant valuation reports.  The report includes a comprehensive analysis of the business using appropriate methodologies to determine a Company’s value. This value will be used to benchmark Company performance in the future based on jointly created enhancement initiatives.

It is critical for a business valuator to analyze the discrete (IP) assets (patents, copyrights, trademarks, proprietary processes, trade secrets, etc.) as well as the non-discrete (goodwill) assets in the company.  The intangible assets, for many companies, are where the unrealized value of the business is determined.

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Business Attractiveness & Readiness Assessments

Business Attractiveness Assessments

We assist the business owner in independently evaluating the Company from a third-party perspective. If a third party does not find the business attractive, it may be difficult to transition or may sell at a discount.

Business Readiness Assessments

While a Company may be attractive to investors, it may not be ready to be transitioned. The question for the business owner that must be answered is whether or not they would purchase the Company in its current state of readiness. If the answer to that question is no, then the business may not be marketable or may sell at a discount.

Personal and Financial Assessments

It is critical to take a holistic view of a business owner’s current personal and financial situation.  This requires an evaluation performed independently of the business.  We assist the business owner in understanding their current personal and financial position and identify any gaps to be addressed in the Future Vision sessions.  For companies with multiple owners, the personal and financial assessments are performed independently and confidentially.