We work with closely held businesses in the lower middle market and above ($5 – $100 Million). We assist the business owner on parallel paths; planning for the transition of the business and realizing the unrealized value within the business.

We help the business owner and family as well as their trusted advisors. We apply a holistic and collaborative approach placing the owner and family unit in the center and ask these three questions:

  1. What is the value of your business and is that value maximized?
  2. Is the owner and owner family personally and financially prepared for a transition?
  3. Has the owner and owner family planned for “what’s next?”

By harnessing the business’ unique dynamic capabilities and partnering with customers, vendors and most trusted advisors, we develop an understanding of your current challenges and opportunities and how to leverage strategy/governance, relationships, and knowledge to transition from success to significance and create a legacy.

We partner with:

  • Professional advisors and their clients’ family businesses to analyze current situations, family dynamics, and growth options
  • Families and leadership to help them examine the business realities and partner with their teams
  • Owners and family to allow them to be as involved as desired
  • Leadership to transform the company to become team driven
  • The team to create implementation decisions to increase enterprise value

By working together, advisor alignment is achieved to realize a business owner and family’s vision.

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