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Don Settina, Certified Founders Group Associate

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About Don

Don Settina, CFP®, CLU®, PPC®, CAP®
tel: (412) 445-2464

I live by the slogan “Always make your future bigger than your past.” As a former owner of RetireRight, I can say the firm is in great hands and the future looks bright and I will continue to share my knowledge with my partners both on the retirement plan side with Tyler and the wealth management side with Chris.

Here’s my focus with our clients today – tax reduction strategies, predicable retirement income solutions, and succession strategies for single-member business owners and high net worth individuals.

Cindy and I are living the dream that’s been in motion for the last 20 years. We split our time between Pittsburgh and Florida, work on the things we are most passionate about, and have a balanced lifestyle. We cook together a lot and play golf with our own group of friends. We play bocce and love to travel around the country to different places like Palm Springs, CA; Kohler, WI; Phoenix, AZ. We have three grandchildren in Utah and five in Ohio.

Lastly, we built a life around our clients who are now great friends, and we continue to guide them into the next transition of their lives.