II. Enhancement Initiatives - Founders Group – Business Succession Planning, Transition and Exit Planning Valuation


Through your current advisors and any that we may jointly identify, we facilitate the implementation of your Enhancement Initiatives to realize the unrealized business value.

The Five Transition Goals

  • Increase Profitability and Net Cash Flow
  • Increase Enterprise Value
  • Solidify Choices for Business Transition
  • Align Team, Owner, and Family
  • Align Business and Personal Aspirations

As Enhancement Initiatives from the Five Transition Goals are implemented, options begin to present themselves and choices are expanded. Business owners remark that their choices are now on their terms. Owners know that regardless of their decision to transition or not, their largest asset is now performing well: primed to capture any opportunity that presents itself.

90-Day Sprints

Together we create efficient, targeted implementation plans to ensure the buy-in, empowerment, and alignment of all stakeholders. The initial three to five identified actions are implemented over the first 90 days. At the end of the initial Sprint, we conduct a progress review and results meeting with the owner and the team, and additional management participants as desired. The first 90-Day Sprint is typically followed by three additional 90-Day Sprints, with three to five strategic initiatives implemented during each Sprint.

Team & Owner Update Meetings

In carefully managed 30-day cycles, we help the business owner and their teams make quantifiable progress. Structure and topics include those noted below, as relevant:

  • Team Meetings
    • Data review
    • Responsibilities and resources
    • Timelines and metrics
    • Benchmarking
    • Education and training
    • Progress reports/results
  • Owner Update Meeting
    • Team initiatives
    • Owner initiatives
    • Obstacle remediation
    • Timelines
    • Progress reports/results

Additionally, we coordinate and/or facilitate the business owner’s personal planning team in the areas of asset protection, risk mitigation, financial/estate/tax planning, and philanthropy.