Our Client's Thoughts - Founders Group – Business Succession Planning, Transition and Exit Planning Valuation

Our Client’s Thoughts

Nancy Batterman, CEO – How The Founders Group Tactical Planning Sessions helped E&CO accomplish our Goals

“E&CO started working with Joe Strazzeri and Shelley Lightfoot with the Southern California Institute in Feb 2016. Initially they conducted a thorough assessment of our organization and culture through a 1 day tactical planning session. From this meeting, we identified 5 critical issues that needed to be addressed for E&CO to be successful. They were:

  1. The first initiative recommended hiring job developers in both Supported Employment and Integrated Employment for each region.
  2. The second initiative was to place a stronger commitment on fundraising at E&CO.
  3. The third initiative was to enhance and improve our internal trainings and processes.
  4. The fourth initiative was to improve the culture at E&CO so all members of the team feel valued, respected and appreciated.
  5. The fifth initiative was to develop a more comprehensive and compelling message.

Over the next year, the tactical planning teams worked on these objectives. All five goals were accomplished and several initiatives led to further enhancements at E&CO. The process, team building and outcomes have had a significantly positive impact on the organization. We have placed a top priority on improving and enhancing the culture at E&CO. We adopted a new message, hired a Philanthropic Outreach Manager doubling the size of our development department and have job developers in all regions. The organization has improved our processes and added new training components for staff and now offer staff the opportunity to be a member of the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals. All of this occurred because of the tactical planning offered to E&CO by the Southern California Institute. In the second year of the process we worked with the Board of Directors to increase the size of the board and enhance their fundraising skills. We are also recruiting board members with more fundraising capacity and the board is setting an annual fundraising goal for themselves.

Working with Joe and Shelley has made a significant difference in E&CO’s capacity, fundraising and the growth of the CEO and COO. None of this would have been possible without the guidance and direction offered by Joe and his team. E&CO is eternally grateful for the time and dedication Joe has given to make E&CO a stronger and more effective nonprofit. We have big plans for the future thanks to the guidance provided by Joe and his team.”

Nancy Batterman, 

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