Our Evloution - Founders Group – Business Succession Planning, Transition and Exit Planning Valuation

For more than two decades, The Founders Group (TFG) has been helping business owners work on their business.  However, as businesses evolve, so must their approach in running their business.  TFG has also modified its approach for helping business owners work on their business over the years.    

Whether helping an owner find more time and more money, planning for growth, or preparing for a transition – TFG’s core beliefs have not changed.   While the tangible elements of the operating entity are very important, the business did not grow itself and therefore will not sustain itself without equal focus on people, processes, relationships, technology, engagement concepts, and financial metrics. 

You can find our current process on the Care to Know Planning tab above.

Below, is how we used to help.  These same concepts are still embedded in our current process, we’ve just simplified our approach and embraced the wisdom we’ve gained along the way.  Please feel free to explore below some of the language and tools from our original Four Common Elements, Advantage Formula and Assessment Tracker. 

A Better Business – A Better Life

It’s hard to remember sometimes, isn’t it?  We get so caught up in the day-to-day: the joy of accomplishment, the problems, the challenges, the stress, the employees, the bankers, the tax man, the lawyers, the vendors, the bills, the money, the money, the money.

But while the employees may have a union, and our families can rely on each other, most business owners have no other resources than our own nimble brains and iron will to succeed. Until now.

Now, there’s The Founders Group, an organization that exists to act as a right hand to the business owner: to help solve problems, increase the joys, and reach their goals – whatever they may be.

The Founders Advantage

We work with all the business’ resources and advisors to identify and document the current reality of the business and to standardize and systematize the Entrepreneur’s, key managers’ and key employees’ unique vision, values and goals. We further incorporate the expertise and judgement of our Independent Collaborative Advisors™ into a dedicated effort to achieve:

  • Asset protection & tax reduction
  • Exit strategy of a saleable business model
  • Operational efficiency based on streamlined processes
  • Attraction and retention of quality personnel
  • Management of legal and compliance issues
  • Delivery of a consistent customer experience
  • Improved financial condition
  • Cost effective systems and controls

The Founders Assessment

This assessment is designed to measure how well your business’ organizational environment supports the  performance levels your company needs to succeed and prosper.

To assess this environment, you will be asked questions concerning:

  • Business Ownership – the value of your business to you
  • Core Operations – your lines of business and how you perform
  • Staff Functions – Human Resource and Legal issues of importance
  • Managerial Process – the ways in which you and your management team run the business
  • Marketing and Sales – how you attract customers and fulfill their expectations
  • Finance – the impact of your decisions on your business and personal financial condition
  • Information Systems and Technology – the use of automation and technology in maximizing your effectiveness

The Founders Assessment™ is meant to provide you with a broad introduction to the web-enabled diagnostic capability we have developed, providing you some “food for thought” about your potential business improvement initiatives.