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We guide you to comfortably and confidently contemplate the factors and people that have contributed to your success, and that are essential to the ongoing vitality of what you’ve built.  Just as important as the life of the business after you, we explore and design your life after the business.  The resulting plan includes talent, timeframes, and accountability metrics for research, design, and implementation.  It answers each core question of if, when, how, how much, and to whom.

The Five Limitations to Progress

When entrepreneurs contemplate a transition from the daily helm of the enterprise, the focus tends to lean hard on the operating entity and its ownership structure.  It’s logical.  These are the most tangible elements of the journey, and the most common compensation anchors for the advisors leading the charge.  However, the business didn’t grow itself and it won’t sustain itself without equal focus on people, relationships, systems, processes, and detailed financial metrics – alongside legal and tax considerations.

Have a short conversation with your business succession advisor to re-focus the conversation and gain clarity around the Five Limitations to Progress.

The Anatomy of a True Start

Take a 5 to 10-minute survey to help bring focus for the dichotomy that exists in your logic and soul.  Obtain immediate clarity about which areas you have nailed, and you are concerned about, as well as talking points for you to take over the conversation with your collaborative team. Help them focus on helping you (not just focus on what they normally do).

The Business Succession Journey

Our methodology guides you to explore and design what you would like to have happen to the business when you’re no longer at the helm daily.  The methodology considers all relevant people, relationships, systems, processes, financial metrics, and time horizons associate with your options.

How to Take the Anatomy of a True Start Survey

Click here to start the survey.  If your advisor is a Certified Founders Group Associate (CFGA), click here and please use the link on their bio page.

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