III. The Decision - Founders Group – Business Succession Planning, Transition and Exit Planning Valuation


Once the business reaches the owner’s targeted attractiveness, readiness, and value, we facilitate The Decision – whether to continue to keep and grow the business – or transition it.

Though sometimes made complicated, the choices are often simple.

  • Do I keep the business and its cash flow, or …
  • Transition it to my family/internal team or to an external group, and …
  • Do I transition it in whole or in part?

Keep and Grow

  • To monitor the metrics for the business and the increased business value, a maintenance program may be needed. Some clients use their internal teams and advisors to accomplish this goal, while others request our continued involvement through our Enhancement Initiatives Maintenance Program – a year of 90-Day Sprints.
  • During this phase of our work, we may choose to repeat the business valuation process. This provides a quantifiable bench-mark against the first valuation, and often reveals a punch list of additional opportunities for maximizing business value.
Joe in shades with Marty

Ownership Transition

  • If the owner decides not to keep and grow the business, and they are ready to transition, we repeat the business valuation process. With an updated valuation at hand, we design and present potential exit strategies. Once the ideal strategy is formulated, we assist owners in the preparation for the transition process including:
    • Business Due Diligence;
    • Legal Due Diligence;
    • Creating the book & slide deck sales package; and 
    • Advisory support throughout the transaction
  • We work with you to differentiate your company, showcase the enhanced value created, and negotiate an optimal sale price. 
  • Our clients’ goals and dreams vary but often include multi-generational ownership of the business, the sale of a business, new ventures, philanthropy, travel, as well as other ways to make a difference in the “what comes next” time of life. As part of the process, we facilitate these goals with the same detailed care as we do for your business.