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At some point in the natural life cycle of a closely-held company, self-made entrepreneurs find themselves contemplating what’s next. For many, there’s a two-way magnet in play. The business has been central to their lives, and it is human nature to be drawn to what’s known and proven. Yet the magnet also pulls toward possibilities: what if they wish to slow the pace?

When entrepreneurs are referred to us, many of the conversations they’ve had already have not addressed the design of the transition itself. The topic has been prematurely narrowed: keep versus sell. The business owner wants to do something, but no one has helped them navigate the tributaries and ramifications of their potential choices. Also, they dread the day they’ll receive a lofty list of recommendations, lacking the external leadership to implement.

In our Care to Know model, planning begins with helping you figure out where you are. For many, the greatest potential lies in transitioning from a Wisdom-driven Business which generates cash flow to fund livelihoods, to a Value-driven Business. Value-driven Businesses increase your options by systematizing the magic you’ve applied to creating success up to this point. They command stability for internal transitions, as well as the highest market value if owners decide to sell.

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